Open Letter to BBVA Compass Bank President and Board of Directors


Open Letter to BBVA Compass Bank President and Board of Directors

Dear Mr. Manolo Sanchez and Board of Directors,

Please accept this formal invitation to the blog that reveals how your SBA Lending Division lied to the SBA in signed documents, government certifications, letters and emails to fund a $2.6 Million loan for a minority/woman-owned start-up business.  The blog is simply to inform you Mr. Sanchez and your board of directors and to drive awareness to other small businesses considering an SBA 504 loan.  Sadly, your organization participated in an SBA 504 Loan fraud scheme that unnecessarily destroyed a viable minority/woman-owned small business, jobs and the dreams of many including those of the brides and grooms who got caught in the middle and lost their dream wedding at the hands of BBVA Compass.  No one from your organization has stepped in to fix this tragedy.

The signatures, emails, documents and certifications from your organization in this single transaction is hopefully unacceptable to you and your board of directors.  The documents were obtained through a court ordered subpoena in an Arizona civil litigation filed in 2011.  The truth is Mr. Sanchez the entire country is fed up with banks taking advantage of good and decent people and this is an opportunity for you as the leader of your bank to step up, step in and do something.  Anything.  An entire dialogue and library of your companies documents has been prepared for release to share with you exactly what took place.

*If you or someone you know has had an unfair experience or inexplicable experience with an SBA 504 Loan please contact us at:  
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