Fraud Report

The SBA 504 loan program is a specialized program unlike any other credit available on the market.  The program is designed for banks to reduce lender risk and encourage banks to make loans.  For aspiring entrepreneurs the program is marketed as a loan assistance program.

To attempt to compare this specialized lending to a traditional commercial loan adds complexity and leaves unanswered holes in the equation.  Expert analysis of the program and the loan are critical to fully appreciate the subtle nuances lenders can leverage to their advantage to manipulate programs like the SBA 504.

Marie McDonnell, is a Mortgage Fraud Forensic Analyst and a credentialed Certified Fraud Examiner.  Having worked with governmental agencies, attorneys general and courts Ms. McDonnell is a sought after expert who conducts fraud training for: Secret Service, FBI and Special Agents of the Office of the Inspector General.

Ms. McDonnell is a key expert in the Inspirador case who uncovered a string of fraud findings and mishandlings of a U.S. government gauranteed business loan.  The Fraud Report identifies how:

“SWFC colluded with Compass Bank to pirate the $250,000 grant away from the Borrowers”

This eleven page FRAUD REPORT (excerpt from 96 page report) and in particular pages 9-11 is worth the read to fully appreciate how a government gauranteed loan transaction was manuevered and manipulated.